The Alliance works on four major concepts


 - Covenant Relationship -


I.S.A.A.C. is based on COVENANT RELATIONSHIP. This networking is for those who desire to participate in a committed covenant relationship.

They relate themselves to I.S.A.A.C. in a spirit of hearty co-operation and mutual fellowship.

Those who are joined in the Spirit and are knitted in their hearts by the Lord are being assembled together from across the nations for a common purpose through the network. The bond of love and trust hold us together in like-mindedness and causes us to live in an attitude seasoned with grace. We value each other's calls, gifting and ministries.

We will help train and release men and women into their original call of ministry. We expect to be in open honest communication and to have the grace to be submitted to mutual accountability to one another.

This is a relationship we have to choose knowing that ongoing impartation cannot take place by superficial contact and casual fellowship.




 - Purpose -


I.S.A.A.C. is based on PURPOSE. We desire to help those churches and ministries who are prophetically inclined to be linked together, to sharpen and to edify each other. I.S.A.A.C. provides the opportunity for such a networking to be established among these prophetic ministers and their respective churches.

The ultimate goal of I.S.A.A.C. is to raise up strong local churches that will be able to resource other churches.

We desire to mature these resource churches into apostolic churches which will provide apostolic input and covering to the entire region or locality. 

I.S.A.A.C. will use these apostolic churches to penetrate into the region and respective nation. They will become God's tactical headquarters for God and for I.S.A.A.C. to strategically invade the spiritual atmosphere of that region.

We also desire to establish working models of apostolic churches in every major city in that nation. 


We will work through covenant bonds with those who would want us to build with them, rather than with those who want us to bring blessings only. We would provide continual prophetic and apostolic input until we can take the church from a local mentality to a resource church experience and then charter them on a course to become apostolic in their emphasis and teach them to put an input into other churches in that region.



 - National Strategy -



We hope to co-ordinate our thrust into these nations through our Network churches; using them as our "Antioch Bases".

We will target those nations where our bases are geared towards growth and for ongoing revival. We hope to divide those nations into regions to effectively penetrate and conquer them.

We will use churches with an apostolic mentality to co-ordinate the region for a divine attack on the nation.

We are currently building apostolic bases in many nations for an end-time launching into the harvest.



 - Apostolic Teams -


I.S.A.A.C. is based on APOSTOLIC TEAMS.

We are hoping to help the Senior Pastors to move from pastoral function to apostolic function in their local churches.

We are challenging the Senior Pastors to rise up other Pastors around them to build a team ministry in the local church. When they reach this point of maturity in ministry, we will impart to them through the laying on of hands that which is necessary for them to break into other dimension of ministry and gifting.

This will help them to enter into a wider scope of ministry. As the years go by, we will take the key players of each nation on a national circuit with our International apostolic team.

Later, the key players of each nation will be gathered into other apostolic teams to penetrate into the various nations where we have established apostolic bases. This is our God-given strategy for reaching the nations.

In doing so, I.S.A.A.C. is not trying to build a denominational structure or organisational hierarchy, but a brotherhood where one will trust another and lay down their lives for one another in times of need. Remember, the Prophetic and Apostolic are for the hard times.

We also do not want to upset the existing streams or denominations by calling local church Pastors out of their affiliation. Each stream has its own God-given mandate.

Our networking does not destroy them but rather propel them towards fulfilment. Many denominations have held us in honour because they have seen our integrity and that we do not desire to steal or acquire their churches but rather to build them for greater maximized usefulness.

We are only encouraging the building of covenant bonds of fellowship and commitment to world evangelism and church planting that transcends all denominational barriers and geographical limitations.

Our Strategy is without guile and no man can accuse us otherwise. We believe the streams will come together soon until it becomes a mighty river that will cause an end-time revival to break forth.

"We are presently approaching the post denominational church era," says Peter Wagner.