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Our vision is to raise up a strong and mature company of spiritual people, which will be accomplished through the training and forming of the nature and person of Jesus Christ in every heart. Ps Graham and Deanna Gunning are the pastors of Kingsway (Right).

Join us for our Sunday morning service starting at 10 am.
Kingsway Christian Centre, 97-101 Cunninghame St, Sale.


We have been so very blessed with Ps Peter & Lisa Dressers ministry of the Life Languages and the School of the Cross. You can listen to the Sundays they shared with the links below.
2018-02-25 Ps Peter Dresser
2018-03-04 Ps Peter Dresser


Would you like to know what has God been speaking to us about lately?  Listen to one of our Sunday messages or conferences available in the downloads section to the left, or start off here with Downloads.